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Well-Being Assessment

Welcome to the Next Generation of Well-Being Assessment!

Say hello to the new and improved Well-Being Assessment (WBA).

The next generation survey will give you a whole new perspective on your overall wellbeing. Unlike previous versions of the WBA, the new survey is holistic, focusing on the 5 key areas that make up your total well-being:

  • Sense of purpose
  • Social relationships
  • Financial security
  • Relationship to your community
  • Physical health

In addition to a great experience, you’ll receive an overall health score, personalized insights for improving your well-being even further, and a downloadable report that you can share with your health care provider.

What’s more, the new WBA is intuitive and actionable, smartphone-friendly, and takes the average person only 12-15 minutes to complete. 

Some benefits haven’t changed. You’ll still get:

  • A $100 HealthFund credit (one for you, and one for your eligible spouse).  Please allow 10-14 business days for processing
  • Your personalized health snapshot, to review on your own or with your doctor
  • Opportunities to get the support you need:
    • Health Coaching or a Condition Management program through the LM HealthWorks Plan may be offered to you based on the results of your WBA. If you choose to participate, you'll receive one-on-one support to set personalized goals and create an action plan specific to your lifestyle to achieve your goals.
    • A chance to discuss the results of your WBA and any questions you may have with an LM HealthWorks Plan Health Coach. Accept the call!
    • A conversation starter. You can get help from your doctor by using the results of your WBA to start a discussion about any health concerns you may have.

Get started:

  1. Log on to Aetna Navigator ( and click on “Take the Well-Being Assessment” under the “More Resources and Information” menu on the bottom left side of the page.
  2. Complete your WBA.
  3. Then proceed into the Well-Being Connect website and access your personalized Well-Being Plan, articles, and other resources to support your well-being goals.

For more information about the WBA, visit the Frequently Asked Questions on this site.

The WBA is a tool to help identify areas where your health may be at risk. It is not intended to replace professional medical advice. You and your doctor may need to take this information into consideration in the management of your health.

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