The LM HealthWorks Plan gives you the tools you need to estimate health care costs.

Cost of Care Tools

  • Get average estimated costs for treatments and procedures in your area with online Cost of Care tools.

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  • Use cost information to discuss treatment and medication options with your doctor.

With the LM HealthWorks Plan, opportunities exist for you to be an active participant in your health care. This includes knowing more about your health care costs. Because you pay a percentage of your covered expenses, it’s important to know the actual cost of the services you receive. It’s also important to anticipate and estimate out-of-pocket expenses when you can and in turn, plan for them. The plan has tools that can help.

You can use the Cost Estimator Tool to estimate your family’s health care costs under the LM HealthWorks Plan. It’s an interactive tool that lets you enter current information about how you use health care services and receive a summary page showing your out-of-pocket responsibility and the plan’s share of costs.

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As a member of the plan, you can use the Cost of Care tools at the Aetna member web site (formerly Navigator) during the year to get estimated average costs for medical treatments and procedures, tests and other services in your area. For example, you can compare the cost of over 30 common medical procedures (such as MRI, CT scan, and colonoscopy) at facilities in select locations around the country. When you use the tool, you’ll get a list showing hospitals and other facilities in your area that perform these procedures, with actual cost ranges — by facility — for each procedure.

Remember, you pay a percentage share of pharmacy costs, too. Find out what you’ll pay before you visit a participating pharmacy or place an order with the mail-order service. You can do this with the Price-a-Medication tool at the Express Scripts web site. Just enter the name of your drug, the dose you take and how often you take it, and you’ll receive cost estimate information. Through the Savings Advisor feature, you will have the ability to look for lower cost alternatives to your medication, if available. Then you can talk to your doctor about whether these alternatives might work for you.

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